Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Road To Gencon 2014


By Paul, Maurice, and Aaron

Some time ago, three illustrious (notorious!) game mongers bought armies for Critical Mass Games’ rules system: Critical Mass. Given the wide range of games we play, we haven’t assembled or painted them, much less play a game using CMG’s excellent-looking rules.  To rectify this, we’ve decided to use the tried and tested ‘tale of three gamers’ model, in which we progress through the various phases of readying our forces and playing games.  All of this will be in preparation for demoing the game at Gencon 2014 in Indianapolis, IN.

Dramatis Personae:
Paul - Kaamados Dominion
Maurice - Praesentia
Aaron - Protolenes

We’ll paint a set amount (or close to) of points each month. The month will conclude with one or more games using the forces available to us.

This process will culminate in a scenario presented at Gencon and an After Action Report post-Gencon.

Each month, each player will write one article detailing their progress for the month. These articles should be posted at a rate of one per week, with the final week being the battle report for whatever games are played using those forces.

January -  List Discussion and Introductions.

February - 500 points of painted models

March - 750 points of painted models

April - 1,000 points of painted models

May - 1,250 points of painted models

June - 1,500 points of painted models

July - 1,500 points of painted models and Gencon preview


September - After Action Report

So, with that, we’re on our way!  Please keep a look out for our first army spotlight next week here on Dropship Horizon and on our personal blogs.

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