Friday, 24 January 2014

The Road to Gencon 2014


By Aaron

Hi! I’m Aaron and I’ll be bringing you the glorious forces of the mighty Protolene Khanate Empire.

I’m planning on running a Scout force, so the natural starting part is the Scout Great Khan. This unit is the starting point for my force and requires me to field from three to five Scout units. I can take other Ghul-Khans (sub-commander) of either the Hunter, Predator or Scout class if I want some of those units (or more Scouts).

Protolene Scout Khans, Photo courtesy of Critical Mass Games,

For this force, I’m going to stay Scout-pure. We haven’t played this game yet, so I don’t have a sense for how the different units will interact or what the strengths and weaknesses of each are.

Along with my Great Khan (45 points), I’ll add in two Scout Ayame with Communications modules (80 points each). These light mechs will help me generate extra communication points each round as well as provide some firepower. I could mount the Great Khan in an Ayame, but I’m going to leave him on-foot for this list.

Protolene Ayame with Communications Array, Photo courtesy of Critical Mass Games,

The core of my force will be formed around two Warpacks of Scout infantry. These are 10-base strong units and will be the bulk of my infantry and anti-infantry firepower (220 points per warpack).

Protolene Scouts, Photo courtesy of Critical Mass Games,

A Scout Sharp Shooter pack will compliment the main infantry body and provide some longer-range fire support. This is a 5-base strong unit (160 points).

Protolene Scout Sharp Shooters, Photo courtesy of Critical Mass Games,

Light support will come in the form of three Scout Ayame walkers. These will provide close escort to the infantry to deal with other light vehicles the infantry encounter (195 points).

Protolene Scout Ayame, Photo courtesy of Critical Mass Games,

For a heavy punch, I’ll take two  Scout Marrok medium walkers (240 points).

Protolene Scout Marrok, Photo courtesy of Critical Mass Games,

Finally, for both transport to move the scouts a bit faster across the board and for heavy fire support, I’ll be bringing two Fenrir Heavy Assault Walkers. These behemoths will rule the battlefield and provide a strong focal point or distraction for enemy players (260 points).

Protolene Tamaska/Fenrir, Photo courtesy of Critical Mass Games,

These units are how I envision this force progressing for Gencon. It should be fairly straight-forward but provide some options to deal with any situation. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to painting all the minis. I'm using a new paint on the infantry, so it'll be a bit of an experiment.

  2. You'll be ok going up against the Praesentia Trinary but you're going to need some Hunters to take on the Kaamados Dominion with their heavy armour and regeneration.

    1. Cool. I'll just have to have them played off against one-another.

  3. Cool looking force, looking forward to seeing the painted army.