Friday, 24 January 2014

Movin' on up!

Tower Module Released for The Ion Age

By Eli

As if the hab domes from The ion Age weren't cool enough, they have now released their new module that allows you to increase the height of the structure to form tower constructs. Using a rather clever connector plate that fits over the roof details of the original hab dome, they have created a way to allow for a seamless stacking without compromising on the details.

Red more - HERE

On a personal note, I feel these tower modules make great structures in their own right. There are plenty of details on the sculpts that make them perfect for various hab support modules to accompany your colony structures. I also see no reason they couldn't be blended in with other terrain as rooftop units for larger buildings. Also connector plates not used for stacking your tower modules would make for great ground mount plates for the rooftop modules made for the hab dome. I plan to use these and keep them free of any basing materials so that I can have them on the ground or even on the rooftops of terrain.




  1. I will be grabbing some of these when I get back to the UK, nice stuff.

    1. Thanks Spacejacker. I enjoyed what you did with Eli's SHM miniatures a couple of years ago and I would like to see what your talented brush did with Ion Age miniatures and terrain.

      Thanks Eli for the kind words. The suggestions of alternate uses for the tower modules have been really innovative and beyond what we thought while designing it.


    2. These look pretty versatile, they could be combined nicely with all sorts of scratch built terrain as well to make SF buildings of whatever function one wants.

  2. Lots of potential here, gents.

  3. I love that the tower on the right has what looks like a d20 on top of it.

  4. Thanks all for the kind words and all orders will be mailed out start of the week.

    Sam Croes and I have been discussing this feedback and we are thinking of creating a custom piece of terrain, scratch built, of a downed Escape Pod. If we do then I will ask DSH blog to feature it.