Monday, 20 January 2014

New Pre-Orders from Darkest Star Games

By Harold

Dark Star Games has some new pre-orders up, and they look great!

15FD1- Puma LODAV GIFV:top/front view



Yup, that rear cargo door can act as either a pure ramp, or split ramp and have just the top open for ventilation when at rest or to provide a protected firing point.  Note the countermeasure launchers to each side.  

This thing is HUGE, just so you know.  14cm long, 5.5cm wide, and 3.2com tall.  It dwarfs just about every other 15mm scale combat APC out there (that isn't a giant robot).  Of course it has to be big, as it is meant to shuttle whole platoons of Federation troops about, not just a little section or squad, and from orbit no less.

This is a 3 piece all resin kit which includes the hull, turret, and plasma canon.

15VT2- S'orhan LODAV GIFV:


Not to be outdone, the Venturians have their own LODAV GIFV, shown here in "surface mode" with the top mounted aero-spoiler retracted, the point defense laser domes extended, the dual function verniers canted, and the turret mounted missile launcher popped up.

Like the Puma, the S'orhan also hauls a platoon of troops around, utilizing a very steep approach method when entering the atmosphere to decrease exposure time to enemy air defenses.

Note that the rear ramp also has a central door which can be used instead of having to expose the entire troop compartment.  

The S'orhan is not as large as the Puma, being only 12.2cm long, 4.3cm wide and 3cm tall, but it is still a formidable fighting machine.

This is a 3 piece all resin kit which includes the hull, turret, and particle canon.

And here is the beast.  The Spec-Sec Armored Command Wagon:



Yup, she's a big'n!  12.5cm long, 4cm wide, and 3.5cm tall, "The Wagon" can smash its way into any situation delivering a pair of the heavy Mastiff drive-armors or 6 Parma police battle-armors, as well as 10 Spec-Sec intervention troops, directly to the action in style and comfort.  Go ahead, set up some burning tire and wrecked car obstacle, wee where that gets you when this baby come crashing through!

And you can bet you'll be seeing this beast all done-up Post-Apoc style very very soon.  Got zombies or scavengers in the road?  No problem.  Alien combat droids blocking your way?  Crush 'em.  But no matter what you do, always remember to empty shi*ter at every opportunity.  A clean potty is a happy crew!

The ship date for this pre-order is estimated to be February 21, 2014.  If the orders are ready before that time they will be sent out so you can have your items as quickly as possible.  Should production take longer, you will be notified by email with profuse apologies.

For this limited time the price of the Puma ($18usd), S'orhan ($16usd), and Armored Command Truck ($18usd) are reduced.  After the pre-sale is over they will return to their normal prices.

Hope you like them!

Available for order here. 


  1. Ooooo... curvy! I definitely like them!

  2. Drop your lining and start grinning that S'orhan looks amazing....