Monday, 27 January 2014

The Road to Gencon 2014


By Paul 

Greetings. My name is Paul, and I am the Kaamados player for this whole sheebang. I run the Metal Skirmish blog ( in my spare time when I am avoiding painting.

Many moons back, when I was getting into 15mm scifi, I picked up a couple Kaamados packs, because they looked cool. Fast forward to when Aaron was looking into getting the game. I figure, sure, I will pick up a copy, and grab a platoon deal, for if and when we actually get our toys on the table. (Again, I am mostly picking what I would like to play based on how it looks.) And then I tossed on a couple more packs when the ZAS kickstarter rolled through.

Now that I have read the rules, more or less, I may have lucked into something decent. Looking at an Agaamid platoon, backed by a few Draco Aganath Imperator battlesuits and some Naga troops. I'm hoping the Dragamaa Heavy Tank is as scary as it looks, and will keep enemy walkers busy. And I am leaning towards having the commander in a Gekotaa armored car, but I am still a little up in the air about that. Either way, should pack a solid punch with some staying power to help dominate the table.

As you see in the above picture, painting-wise I have my work cut out for me. I've never been into multiple figs per base, so this challenge will help keep my nose to the grindstone. I have most of a color scheme in mind, should be relatively easy to accomplish, just have to come up with some compelling details to make them really work on the battlefield. We'll see.


  1. Nice to see the lead, shall look forward to seeing the scheme you choose for it.

    1. I'm already regretting the color choices, if that's any convincing tease.