Monday, 13 January 2014

New Blue Moon 15mm Sci-Fi

By Eli

It's been a bit since we have seen any release from Blue Moon Manufacturing for their 15mm science fiction range, but I am happy to say that their latest is a little bit of quality. While many of their previous releases fell into a vary space opera or even pulpy vein, the newest release 15ALN-122 Galactica Mercenaries seems a bit grittier.

Depicting hard armored trooper and command these figures ride a nice line between classic space opera and a more realistic future soldier. Unlike the last two releases from Blue Moon, the Nevis and Averum, the Galactica Mercenaries come complete with very obvious command, heavy and spacial weapons along with their regular troopers. This makes this 10-figure pack much more useful to forming regular military forces.


  1. Gotta say, these look way better than most of the previous Blue Moon releases.

  2. They do look nice and quite generic i'd say perfect for most games...

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  4. These guys need to fix their shipping policy. "We can't tell you what it'll cost to ship your order to Canada until you've ordered it" just doesn't fly when Khurasan can say "twelve bucks". Too bad, as they have a lot of fun stuff.