Friday, 7 February 2014

Duxis Battlesuit Early Supporter Offer

Hey all,

Gavin and the folks at The Ion Age  are running another one of their awesome early supporter offers for their new Duxis Battlesuit. As if the suits themselves weren't cool enough, this is a chance to snag some at a steal of a price.

IAF030B1 Duxis Bundle One.  Three Battlesuits at 15% off and free Pilot and Drone.
Bundle value 16.50GBP, price to you 12.75GBP!

IAF030B2 Duxis Bundle Two.  Five Battlesuits at 15% off and free Pilot and Drone, free Fallen Duxis.
Bundle value 31.50GBP, price to you 21.25GBP!

As always, for more information and full details of these and any Ion Age offers as well as cool background bits, news and previews of Ion Age projects, you can visit - HERE.


  1. All else aside, the pilot and drone are pretty cool.

  2. Thanks Eli and everyone. This offer is going down well with IonFans.

    There does seem to be a lot of love developing for the Pilot and Drone.