Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Khurasan Miniatures Previews Warfighter Robot Combatants and VTOL

By Harold

From TMP

Jon from Khurasan Miniatures has previewed renders of his upcoming release of Warfighter Robot Combatants, another great set coming up from KM!

They deploy out of an ARC (armoured robotics carrier) which will be a conversion of the advanced grav tank. So they don't have to hoof it they ride on a SRAM (single user anti-grav mount) the design for which is being tweaked now. There will be poses of both the energy rifle and heavy energy rifle droids riding on the SRAM.
Some of the squad's droids can remain on their SRAMs for patrol and recon purposes.
Of course the ARC can be used for humans too! It's perfect for power armour troopers because it's large.
He's also previewed an awesome VTOL created by PF:

Here's a look at the Frelon (Hornet) VTOL used by the special forces of NOFRA (Nouvelle-France):

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