Thursday, 27 February 2014

Titanium Dropship - Not-Predators

"A pack of blooded hunters led by Nta'Mek-Ta (The Silent Stalker in Yautja language). These figures are part of a larger Aliens Vs Predator project which wil eventually will have the Corporation, Marines,  Aliens and of course the Predators which will probably have a few more hunter packs.

Miniatures are all Khurasan apart from the Yautja hunting falcon which I sculpted myself. Didn't get the ship finished in time but it will do as background for the pics."

By Brummie from Brummie's Wargaming Blog!


  1. Your garden looks like a real jungle this way :-). They seem very well painted, but I would prefer a closer look.

  2. Thanks :) could of cropped the images but rules were for them to be submitted in raw format and unedited.

    Theres some pics on my blog post that have been cropped plus a couple of pics I didn't submit but looking at now probably should of lol.

    1. Huh. I interpreted that as "no photoshopped backgrounds or lens flare". My pics were totally cropped and white balanced to replicate the way they actually look IRL. Anyway, a nice mix of the two "types" of Predators: I thought their heights were too different to group them together but a coherent colour scheme does wonders.

    2. Thanks. I think with Predators they can be different heights as they are a diverse race like human's can come in any size usually the short ones are killed early on to preserve the line but if they show enough prowess are allowed to live and breed.

      I'll know better for next time. I've cropped them for my own blogs pics :)