Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Security Force Alpha - Protecting You on the Ground and in the Air

New SFA Elites from 15mm.co.uk

Some fun new codes were released this week by the gents over at 15mm.co.uk. Adding to their already substantial Security Force Alpha, Gavin and friends bring us some elite troops for the sci fi security contractors. 

First there are the Elite Troopers in impact armor, wearing berets. They are armed with SMGs and come in four different poses. These figures look just perfect for sci fi or even near future games. Their uniforms are not futuristic that they couldn't be painted like current day or near future and their weapons have a decided Eastern Block, AK-47 look to them. 

There are also two codes of jump pack equipped SFA. These troops are also armed and armor with the same gear as the ground troops but are wearing visored helmets and, of course, jump packs. These miniatures are made in such a way that the jet thrust plumes are not attached to the miniatures so it seems that you could, potentially mount them on the ground or in various states of flight. There are two packs of jump troops - troopers and sergeants. The sergeants are armed with pistols instead of the SMGs.

For more information head over - HERE

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