Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Pushing for New 15mm Ventauran Poses from Eureka

A 300 Club Campaign

By Zachary Brahams

Current 15mm Ventaurans from Eureka Miniatures

Hi Guys,

As some of you may have noticed I am trying to get a few more Ventaurans made by Eureka Miniatures via their 300 Club, see the link I have received some interest and so far I have six backers and one hundred and seventy pre ordered miniatures secured. This has taken about two months and as I have mentioned on TMP at the rate we are going we will never get to have the extra Ventauran’s produced before we all reach retirement, so I’ve contacted Nic from Eureka Miniatures and to help things along he has agreed that if I can find ten backers and get four hundred pre ordered miniatures secured he would agree to have them made. 

Now comes the favour that I need to ask you guy’s, would it be possible to post up a short news paragraph informing the 15mm community that do not visit the TMP what I am trying to achieve? Obviously the more 15mm gamers that hear about this opportunity the better it will be so were better to inform the masses but on the Dropship Horizon blog. We now need four more backers and two hundred and thirtyish pre ordered mini’s to make this happen, I hope you can and won’t mind helping me out in this matter.

Many thanks,



  1. Ok i have taken input from the current backers who have responded to the thread over on TMP to come up with this short list of four new Ventuaran miniatures that we would like to see put into production to help complete the range just that much better, the four newly proposed miniatures listed above will provide us the most use out of the current Ventauran’s range, many thanks Eli for posting this up. Zac

    1st Ventuaran veteran or NCO wielding a laser pistol in both hands just like the photo at the start of this thread if ever you want to split a squad into rifle teams and have them led by different command miniatures.

    2nd Kneeling Ventuaran spotter like the 15mm Sci-fi German spotter already from Eureka miniatures that can be used to create a multitude of useful teams such as a mortar, sniper or even a drone recon team.

    3rd Ventuaran trooper in a more dynamic running and firing from the shoulder pose because the others Ventuaran troopers in the current range are just a bit to static.

    4th Ventuaran trooper lobbing or throwing a grenade or small device holding his laser rifle by his side.

    Now we just need four more backers to join the cause and two hundred and thirty pre ordered miniatures to get the production cogs in motion thanks to Nic's offer making us almost half way there. :)

  2. Shared this in the facebook group 15mm sci-fi gaming to see if it can get you more interest :D

  3. Thanks Simon that is very much appreciated...