Saturday 6 November 2010

9 Rota

Quick headsup. HMV is currently selling the stunningly brilliant Russian movie 9 ROTA (9th Company) for just £3.99!

There's something classic Traveller: Mercenary about 9 Rota. Set in Khost Province of Afghanistan, think of the Soviets as Low-Mid tech Mercs on a dirtball they have no business to be on. The futuristic look of the Hind-D's help. And there's plenty of them in the movie. We need more Hind looking gunships. No more hackneyed Cobra/Apache proxies - please!

As I have veered onto the subject, Khurasan's new Cormorant gunship/dropship is looking good. Looking good. It certainly doesn't fall into the traditional mould of Alien dropship/Cobra gunship and is edging towards the P38 feel that Jon wanted.

The design is well thought out. Let me admit that I don't know (or care) about the actual 'physicks', I just feel the Cormorant could really be a tactical atmospheric or orbital interface vessel of the future. I find myself dotting back to the 3D renditions every now and again to check it out and am increasingly able to visualise it in my games. Keep an eye out for news of this one as it comes closer ot manufacture.



  1. This was a pretty decent movie. It reminded me a bit of Full Metal Jacket.

  2. Rather a late comment, but there are a couple of models (available from ModelZone in the UK) that might be of interest to you:

    in 1:48 scale, Italeri do a Ka Hokum (

    in 1:72 scale, Zvezda do a Hind-E (

    I totally agree about the dropships/gunships available - I was thinking of kitbashing a Chinook (or a CH-46E Bull Frog if it's available when I get round to the project) together with a couple of Apaches.