Thursday, 24 February 2011

Critical Mass Games Sale Ends 28th Feb



  1. What has everyone ordered? I got a heap of Arc Fleet buildings and some Vargr (Protolene).

  2. Some of the new Mercenary packs and a pack of the APCs, like the one Mark uses in his masthead.

  3. Mercs, mercs, and more mercs. A squad of scout walkers for Arc Fleet. And a few sections of Augment Troopers.


  4. I ordered 3 kaamodos armored cars w cluster missiles to use as attack apc's for my GZG Mangalores. I also got 1 of each of the various aliens merc sets, to use for villainous scum to populate a wretched hive of scum & villainy ;) and a couple sets of Ygs fighters to be a 'police guard' for said hive.

    I'm already considering another order for some buildings before the sale ends.

  5. 6 sets of snakeman for snake platoon :>
    + test nagas

  6. Yeah, I couldn't resist getting just a bit more.. an armored car with command array (to add to the other 3), and one of the bigger transports with slug cannons.. i figure the mangalores might need a transport with more protection and capacity for driving up the center, which seems their style. To top it off to the $20 pound mark so I can get free shipping to the US, I added another Ygs pack and a Naga pack, figuring the Naga will fit in well as more Scum for the villainous hive and if so, need more enforcers to patrol as well (the Ygs). This will be the first minis from Critical Mass I've gotten, so I'm looking forward to them.

  7. More buildings, a platoon of Naga, Praesentia Phase Shifters, Kamaados Dragaama Heavy Tanks.