Monday, 20 June 2011

SPOTLIGHT - Highlander Studios Inc.

If you follow the blog or frequent the Lead Adventure Forum you may have noticed that Highlander Studios have been producing some interesting new sculpts.Of particular interest to the 15mm sci fi gamer are Highlander's Gideon's Dust (15mm post apocalypse), Z-cubed and D-cubed (15mm space bugs) ranges. Highlander have also started developing a new line of Space: 1889 miniatures having recently concluded a licencing agreement with Space: 1889 author and game designer Frank Chadwick.

The Dropship Horizon crew got in touch with Highlander Studios maestro Roderick Campbell to find out more.

Dropship Horizon: So how did you get into sculpting?

Rodrick Campbell: The very early origins were when I opened my first set of Grenadier miniatures for D&D. I was 13 and had been playing for a few months. I wrote a letter to Ral Partha asking if they could put me in touch with any of the sculptors to find out how they were made. Well, I never got a reply!

Flash forward 17 years and after a lot of time painting and collecting miniatures and an art degree; a conversation at a convention and a gift from a friend of some old dental tools found me working with greenstuff sculpting some 10mm Sudan figures. In the years since I've sculpted for companies such as Splintered Light, Khurasan and Rebel Miniatures.

Dropship Horizon: Are there other 15mm manufacturers or sculptors you particularly admire?

Rodrick Campbell: Essex and Minifigs were my first exposure to 15mm and they'll always be special to me. The sheer volume and availability of cool sci fi stuff from GZG when almost no other company was making it was inspiring. I really like what Rebel, Splintered Light and Khurasan are doing these days and Ben Siens, Faron Betchley and John Bear Ross are guys who's work I always look forward to seeing. Then of course there are the "Old Masters" of Ral Partha and Grenadier fame.

Dropship Horizon: What are your plans for Highlander's 15mm sci fi ranges?

Roderick Campbell: The Space: 1889 licence will be receiving a lot of attention over the next 3-4 years. I'd like to see that sell tons so I can extend the licence when the time comes. So expect a lot of the cannon material for the game, but also some darker, more steampunk items as the line grows. I'm still working to identify a reliable resin caster for the airships and vehicles. 

The Gideon's Dust line will have frequent additions. Look for new rednecks, Hogzilla and some Postman-style riders, then possibly some zombie versions of the existing rednecks. For ZD-cubed more bugs to start, then some additions for 5150; generic people types as well as military.


  1. Must say I want one of those ms dos,way to cool!

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  3. Cool, I definitely look forward to the new 5150 figs!


  4. Will Bubba Pett (:>) is meant to be released ? :>