Tuesday 7 June 2011

We Read You Loud And Clear

Hello all you DH fans!

First of all, let me extend my personal thanks to all of you for the support and well wishes you've shown the new crew and for Mark as he retires the Dropship to our unworthy hands.

In the interest of opening Dropship Horizon to the community at large and to better help the new crew keep the old bucket running to the best of her ability, I've added an email link to the side bard (graced by the lovely Ripley).The purpose of this contact link is to let you, the readers and fans, share your thoughts on the site. If you've got a comment, idea, even a submission or request, drop us a communication and we'll check it out.

I cannot guarantee that every email will be answered or that we can fulfill every request, but like many a popular letters column from the days of old, we'll do our best to give our readers a friendly and interested ear. Who knows, maybe you've had a great idea we haven't thought of. Perhaps you have some nifty news that we can help you share. Whatever it is, our lovely communications officer is standing by.

Take care all,



  1. Glad you guys are keeping this great blog going!

    Happy Gaming,