Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Exclusive Sneak Peak - Khurasan Locust Patrol Truck

Exclusive intelligence gathered by Obi Wan Dropship from his hermitage in the deserts of Mudd Eisley!

The first sight of Khurasan Miniatures' Control Battalions LOCUST Patrol Truck! This sinister vehicle is used to take beings away in the middle of the night. It's also use for patrol and recon, and to give light fire support in a firefight. The LOCUST is designed as a small sci fi light AFV and is a redo of the rockjumper CAD. Comes with a twin heavy blaster turret, which can be replaced with a hatch, or just a flat cover, both are included.

This is an approval casting. More details will be available nearer productuion. As you can see the LOCUST has potential for ultra-modern and near future applications as well.

A big thanks to Jon at Khurasan Minis for letting us share this with you!


  1. AWESOME! Can't wait for this release!


  2. Great stuff these previews and glad to see the new team being able to continue these previews. I've been only shortly into 15mm gaming but such previews make me excited about getting involved.

  3. I would use this as a APC. Great looking truck.

  4. Another very cool, very versatile vehicle from Khurasan!


  5. Im looking forward to getting one of these and making into a commard vehicle by simply adding a roof mounted sat dish and some stowage on the sides...

  6. Would make for a good transport for Civil Protection's Overwatch force.