Thursday 23 June 2011

15mm Sci-fi Mini Exchange Extravaganza at TMP

We saw this on TMP and thought here's a cool way to add some minis to the old collection and make new friends.
All you have to do is paint up a 5 figure team or squad and you will receive the same in return!

To quote ThorLongus, the organiser of this event: "This could be a coherent, uniform squad of any race, or it can be a mixed mercenary type of unit. The bare minimum is 5 average humanoid sized 15mm minis. If you want to include some oversized (think ogryns / super mutants) that is up to you."

Here's the link, check it out and get painting! 15mm Sci-fi Mini Exchange


  1. I signed up! Should be a lot of fun...

  2. I think it's a great idea - if I had just a little more free time at the moment I'd sigh up too! I'm looking forward to hearing about the results!

  3. I think this needs some help - not sponsorship, but a site that can host pictures of everything that gets sent out and about. It would be nice to see what gets traded...