Tuesday, 14 June 2011

15mm Releases Roundup

These items have been released in the last few weeks. Since the new crew was still figuring out how to fly Dropship Horizon, we weren't able to give these minis the fanfare they really deserved. But they still deserve a mention, so here we go:

Rebel Minis CATs (Cybernetic Autonomous Troopers)

Releases from Rebel Minis:
  • Cyber Autonomous Troopers (CATs) in two different models. The Wild CATs have power claws and missile launchers, while the Tom CATs are equipped for close assault.
  • Post Apocalyptic Riders - very reminiscent of films like The Postman.

Khurasan Miniatures Yozhik Heavy APC

Releases from Khurasan Miniatures:
Previews From Highlander Studios
  • Support weapons for their popular Z-Cubed Space Bugs
  • 15mm Space Pals (you'll understand when you see them)
  • Space: 1889 Mars Expeditionary Force test sculpts
Combat Wombat has unveiled his new line of turned-brass gun barrels, as well as releasing the Swingfire Anti-Tank GEV.

For all you starship gamers out there... ClearHorizon has released a set of control consoles on Shapeways.

Copplestone Castings has previewed a set of 15mm Fantasy Barbarians. While fantasy gaming certainly isn't the focus of this blog, we know that fantasy minis are sometimes useful as primitives in varying-tech scenarios. You can expect us to highlight a few fantasy ranges when they catch our eyes.

I apologize if I missed anyone's releases from the last few weeks!


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