Monday, 28 September 2009

IN THE PIPE... 15mm Alien 'Skins'

Another Dropship Horizon exclusive....I'm delighted to announce that Chris at Outland Games will shortly be joining the hallowed ranks of 15mm Sci Fi manufacturers.

His first two figure ranges are 15mm Lizaroids and a race known as 'Skins'. A range of AFVs will follow in due course.

Chris has sent me a photo of WI greens - or should that be 'greys' of his first 'Skins' to share with you.

Outland Games' 15mm 'Skins' WIP

The 'Skins' illustrated are the light version in a skullcap and communicator. Heavier armoured 'Skins' are likely to follow.

Chris also has a fully assembled and painted GZG armoured Grav 'Battalion' for sale on his website. Check out the photos here (click). Really nice looking force.

Chris is asking just US $288.00 plus US$15 dollars shipping anywhere in the world. By my reckoning that's around £200.00 all in, for a Grav force of £100.00 in bare metal fully painted and ready to do battle.



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  2. Those skins look nice. I like the faces on them.. the weapons are way too large though... they're 28mm scale IMO and would look stupid on those figures. I hope they end up with decent scaled guns.