Tuesday, 1 September 2009

EXCLUSIVE - Msytri Island Bloodworm at large!

Brand new from
Khurasan Miniatures is...

Sculpted by Mark Evans,
painted by Carl Robson

These armour plated creatures are fully 60 feet long at adulthood (many much
longer), and hunt by sensing vibrations in the ground, at which point they come
rushing up out of one of their pre-made attack holes which honeycomb their
territory (and also serve as great ankle-breakers for prey) to set upon the
unfortunate creature, puncturing it with their formidable fangs, rapidly
draining it of all bodily fluids.

Only the female is dangerous, the male being a 40cm long, inoffensive
softskinned creature that lives underground, sleepily sipping the sap from tree
roots. Being little but "a set of genitalia with a face," as Janice remarked
when she first saw one, the male is sought out by the female only for mating
purposes, after which the female rather contemptuously tosses the male back onto
the tree root from which he was retrieved. The males are practically immobile
and are very popular snacks for many species on Mystri Island (including the
human tribes) if they can be found and dug up. The ornery, bloodthirsty females
are quite a different proposition! Their hides are basically impervious to
spears and they are relentless once they sense their prey above ground.

Model is nominally 15mm scale, being about 28mm tall from the attack hole to the
top of the worm. Naturally, it can be used for any scale, and it would also be,
I suggest, a marvellous sci fi lurking nasty. The model is fairly bendable
(though mind you, at your own risk!) so multiple models should be decently
posable. Jon.

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  1. I used to go fishing with their smaller cousins eons ago.

    The fish love them.

    Their bites, as one would expect, hurts quite a bit.