Monday 14 September 2009

Incoming Transmission..... Khurasan 15mm Karkarines

A new 15mm Sci Fi race from Jon at Khurasan Miniatures:

Karkarine Marines

Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Karkarine Marines
TTC-1201 Karkarine Infantry, 4 figs for $2.49

TTC-1202 Karkarine Command and Hvy Wpns, 3 figs for $1.79

Lovely miniatures! Plenty of photos on the website together with the much anticipated Pelagic Dominate Heavy Grav AFVs. Simply inspired! Well done Jon! These are some of the best if not THE best 15mm Sci Fi miniatures to appear so far this year - where do I start? Headline thoughts.... animation, discernably different and naturalistic poses, sculpting consistency, inherent believability, radical!

I want to encourage you to look beyond the full on Sci Fi battle be it platoon, company or battalion level and use these figures in Pulp, Apocalyptic/Gamma, VSF and Sci Fi RPG games too. 'Venusians' instantly comes to my mind, as does Waterworld and post apocalyptic pirate concepts.

Don't forget to read my original preview from 23rd July for more detail (click here)!

Karkarine Marines. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Galaxy. Available now from:



  1. Thanks for the info Mark, and that scale picture.


  2. Wow, these guys are...different. These miniatures look like top quality sci fi mercs / bounty hunters.

    Great site, btw.


  3. Really appreciate your scale pictures Mark!