Thursday 3 September 2009

Master Chef On Deck... O.D.S.T. Future War Commander AAR

The following is cleared for release by UNSC Navy Press Department:

"At 2025 GMT yesterday, two ODST teams (Echo 1 and Echo 2), supported by Wartog (Heavy) Vehicles, staged an overt landing on New Monrovia to take action against certain military targets. The mission was successful and a number of gallantry awards have been issued."

Meanwhile the OutRim NewsCorp, reports a brutal firefight between "men in black kit" and soldiers of the Zol'lh'ee Aslan clan resulting in heavy casulties all round - including a heavy Aslan AFV and at least one Warthog. Sources in the NAC Military report as follows:

"The ODST stuffed up from the off, those gun jeeps of theirs (called 'heavy' cos they have a plasma cannon on the back not some VRF gauss gun) were dropped too far out and no bugger knew when they were going to appear; the ODST sticks got blown off course and landed well off the LZ - outside the treeline covering the compound, not in the compound itself. How you miss a target that big defeats me. Anyway, they got off lightly from the Aslan AA as they came in and actually got the initiative in the first round on the ground - but zapped no-one. From there it went downhill - on the west side, one squad of Aslan, just charged in on the flank of one squad from E1 and ripped them up. An AFV came zipping in from the back of the compound and an Aslan squad on the rooftop just started shooting. E2 managed to suppress the guys on their right but more were coming in with the tank. The snipers in E2 missed repeatedly. Over on the West, those Aslan just charged again and again, in fact they alone wiped out E1 (one sniper team and two squads).

On the left, E2B retreated from the tank but then managed to take it out with their SPNKRs, finally the gun jeeps turned up and zapped some Aslan on the right flank; freeing E2B to get at the objectives; E2's sniper suppressed the guys on the roof and E2B got up to Objective Fieldgoal, then moved up to Linebacker. At that point it finally went down the pan for the ODST, E2A got shot up and charged. They were suppressed and you can work out how that went down.......the Aslan managed to take out Gun Jeep One and those Aslan on the West worked around the treeline and charged E2B in the flank up by Linebacker. They just tore through them. That left the snipers from E2 and Gun Jeep Two in the fight. Calculating their chances of success, the snipers leapt on board and hoofed it! At least E2 did their job because both Objectives were blown to pieces when the charges went off. No one got near Objective Touchdown".

Master Chef's Notes

Rules - FWC played with a very light hand!

ODST - teams consist of 1 Sniper / Command Team and 2 Squads with SPNKRs (treat as smart missiles in FWC) - ODST were treated as Human Scouts from the FWC GZG-SC and Warthogs were CU23Bs from the CUDF army list

- Treated as K'vrak from the GZG list

Lessons Learned

You dont let those sword wielding feline maniacs charge your flank y'hear!

Master Chef


  1. Why are the Traveller alienss so cool! Are they really that cool or do they just hold a soft spot in our hearts that elevates beyond their inherrant coolness?

    Nice AAR, there. Love seeing humans fighting aliens.

  2. I'd echo Eli here. Nice AAR :) Nice newsreader as well :))

  3. Lovely newsreader.....good reason for more AARs eh?