Tuesday 15 September 2009

Iron Maiden First Strike: Photo BatRep

There hasn't been much opportunity to enjoy the outdoors this year in Kinkydeenshine, but the tail end of last week turned everything round and we finally got our 'Indian Summer'. Over a candlelit Lamb Tangine, Heather declared we should make the most of the weather and play at least one Sci Fi wargame in the garden.....

Candlelit Lamb Tagine

Next day, post hangover.....covert surveillance satellite AL1CE is brought out of orbit and lands in the Kerrang Desert just inside the borders of AceeDCee.

Downed A1LCE Recce Satellite in crash crater guarded by AC/DC Combat Air Patrol

AC/DC troops of 78th 'Riff Raff' Rapid Reaction Force enjoying the pleasures of detached duty at El Burro

Iron Maiden First Strike Company.
"Boots on the ground chief!"
Sgt. Major Blane scopes the enemy.

The balloon goes up!

For those about to rock.....


The Dance of Death!!!

The sun/s ALWAYS shines on Bruce!
No. 4
'Powerslave' platoon securing the objective

Shot of table plus garden to please the missus

All over bar the BBQ....

By no means a serious game. My original plan had been to play a solo scenario with a full Grav mech company, walkers, dropships, the works....but decided to keep it simple for Heather's first experience with Future War Commander (lite!).

As a serious fan of AC/DC since her college years, she was happy to lead 'Angus' and the boys, leaving the 'Iron Maidens' to me. One of H's favourite films is Predator (1987), so she fully 'gets' that the Iron Maidens were super-soldiers wearing adaptive camo suits and a match for her 'eavy metal.

Interestingly Heather's only reference for Grav vehicles is Luke's skimmer on Tatooine in Star Wars, so the Grav APCs followed the course of the pass rather than use their full inherent 3D mobility.

Great thing is she wants to do it again!



  1. I enjoyed that AAR. The satellite photo with your garden in the background is particularlly cool. Kudos for the AC/DC and AIC references too!

  2. Cheers! Heather is the real AC/DC fan. I saw them live at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1979. It took 3 days for my hearing to return to normal!


  3. Maiden Rules!

    No all good band references and a great set of pics.


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