Sunday, 24 April 2011

To Infinity and Beyond!

Back in the Dropship cockpit and with 15mm Pulp Sci Fi still firmly in mind, I've just bought one of these Dr Who Micro-Universe Sanctuary Base rockets on Ebay.

The rocket is tres retro and has that classic Sci Fi book cover silhouette which was responsible for transporting our dreams to new worlds and strange planets all those years ago.

I couldn't help but feel this rocket is a must for Pulp Sci Fi gaming. The very name 'rocket' conjures up an exciting future amongst the stars. It's not a 15mm scale craft, that figure next to it in the photo is about 30mm, but that's not important. I see the rocket as representative. It's purpose is to dress the table and act as an objective or entry/departure point more than become a domineering centrepiece.

I guess it means I'm going to have to paint up more figures in silver spacesuits! Definitely time to break out my armed GZG fellas in light Vac Suits. Though I do  like Matakishi's more colourful take on Pulp Sci Fi . I particularly like the multiple basing - ok it has a few limitations - but the hero and female sidekick being based as a pair makes a strong statement in game terms about their inter-relationship and combat power. We think nothing of basing a couple of guys with a support weapon and I've never seen the support weapon crew broken into separate models when the gunner is hit.

Matakishi's concepts of colour and basing would suit various Blue Moon figures and Critical Mass Games' Mercs range. Whilst RAFM's ex-Citadel classic Traveller range would even work as the more blue-collar elements of a Pulp universe.

Anyway, the secret of the Orange Planet awaits, so let's kick the tyres, light the burners, and blast off to interstellar adventure......


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