Monday, 31 August 2009

Kitbash of the Week No.5 - Slammers Combat Car

The 'Inspiration Bus' made an unscheduled but very welcome stop this evening following the '15mm Slammers Combat Car Suggestions' thread on TMP.

A lot of GZG's Sci Fi AFVs are modular. V15-43A High-tech Grav Light Tank being no exception. It has a separate hull and turret section, which if simply left off, gives you the basic outline of a Slammers style Combat Car.

Here you see the basic hull of the High-tech Light Grav AFV with a gunner similar to that in the all new SG15-A17 NAC Pintle Gunners pack (pictured below).

If you mount the weapons directly into the hull and offset placement on either side of the vehicle you can easily squeeze three gunners into your new homebrew Combat Car.

Personally, I'd go for one cannon up front and two of the 'grenade launchers', one on either side, which could easily double as plasma weapons. Nothing to stop you using rotary cannons or plasma weapons taken from GZG's MAWPs if you prefer.

Next, let's add a bit more detail - the flat edges of your Combat Car troop compartment look plain don't they! No problem - just cut some small shapes from plasti-card and glue on, and /or cover in personal kit, blanket rolls, camo nets etc.

What's more, I deliberately chose the Light Tank as it's the same price as the APC and Command versions, but in this instance you have a tank turret left over to use for other kitbashes or turn into a defence turret!

Of course you can go to town detailing your creation, but the beauty of these kitbashes is simplicity!

Hope you feel inspired by this.


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