Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New SHM Release

Written by Alexander Scott
Sunday, 26 February 2012 07:00

Hello Everyone,

Our latest release on our SHM - Cute or Lethal…You decide!


SHM23 Eyetaran - Sculpted by Nick Kondratov 

This brand new 15mm scale miniature is the latest addition to the SHM range. Standing approx 13mm tall the Eyetaran is priced at just 0.35GBP per miniature.

Perfect for hunting in packs, scenario objectives, mascots or anything else in your 15mm forces. For more information go here:


  1. I like it. The ideal sci-fi pet or unobtrusive guard beast.

  2. Might make for a good objective marker too.

  3. Hurray! My mini on Dropship Horizon!
    Check out my version of colour scheme, please:

  4. Fjodin, I've had one of these for a while as a sort of preview piece. It's a fun little mini and though it won't be saving the galaxy (or won't it?), it certainly has a place in any collection.


  5. Well done to Nick for making it to DSH!

    The Eyetaran is a great wee miniature with a lot of uses and since it has gone on sale I have heard of gamers using it as a mascot, a bearer beast for chariots, a pack animal for a bug hunt and also a mission objective.

    Thanks Eli.