Saturday, 31 March 2012

Khurasan releases Polecat Wheeled Utility Vehicle

Khurasan Miniatures has released another fantastic vehicle - the Polecat.  

This was designed to be a Humvee-like variant of the upcoming Federal Exterminators Caiman APC.  It is priced at $9.99 each or $35.99 for a four-pack.  The Polecat includes two different turrets - an antipersonnel gatling gun, and a multi-tube rocket launcher for anti-material fire. 

No, the Desiree Kim figure is NOT included!
While 15mm provides a good variety of mecha, huge battle tanks, and massive personnel carriers, it's actually the small utility vehicles like this which inspire me the most.  The obvious roles are command or scout vehicles, but I see the Polecat engaging in "behind enemy lines" operations.  Each one could carry 3-5 special operators - a pair of these working in tandem would transport an elite team of commandos.  It's easy to imagine them painted in "blackball" radar-reflective paint and using an all-electric powertrain to reduce sound and thermal signature.  That makes it an ideal vehicle for surgical strikes, assassination missions, or hostage rescues.  I'm going to write a generic scenario featuring the Polecat... watch for it later this weekend!



  1. The Polecat seems like it would be equally at home in post apocalyptic settings where you still have some sort of government forces out there.

    I can see teams of wasteland wardens, rangers or whatever patrolling the festering, mutates badlands in these babies.


  2. I agree-the smaller vehicles are the ones I find most interesting. They seem more 'personal' to the troops, particularly in small skirmish games.

  3. The thing i like most about the Polecat is that it reminds me of a cut down version of the Colonial marines APC from Aliens, i plan to pick one of these up to be used as a mobile HQ as i have a old GZG radar dish that will fit perfectly on the turret mount. I also think that some of the smaller military vehicles make for very interesting variants, the special opp's commando raider variant sounds very interesting....

    1. I still say it' a "short bus" version of the Aliens APC, and thus perfect for military command teams (who are often short bus material).

      Not that it doesn't still look really neat.

    2. I love this vehicle. It's a great continuation of the Exterminators aesthetic.

      In the Dark Horse comics for the Colonial Marines they had a light four-wheeled attack buggy that shared aesthetics with the APC. It had a manned turret and individual high clearance suspension for each wheel.

      Though this vehicle is much different than that vehicle, I would love to see John carry this aesthetic into other vehicles, perhaps even a lighter vehicle than this that was maybe open-topped and functioned as a Fast Attack Vehicle.


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  5. @ Eli the Battle force five Tangler is a dead ringer for the all terrain attack buggy, follow the link below.,r:8,s:138