Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Soldiers, Civilians and Characters

New figures in the SHM range from 15mmcoukI knew that Eli had been beavering away on another group of sculpts for Gavin at 15mm.co.uk but it was a pleasant surprise to discover that not only have they been completed, but they have now on sale at the 15mm.co.uk webstore.

New figures in the SHM range from 15mmcoukAvailable separately, Eli’s new releases consist of three alien soldiers, a gang boss, a body guard, three civilians and a family group of urchins. There is also a Uhul Champion which, while supposedly a Fantasy figure, looks easily convertible to Science Fiction.

New figures in the SHM range from 15mmcoukWhether as street furniture, objective markers, or characters, these figures will be very useful in skirmish games, such as 5150: A New Hope, The Department, USE ME, Fubar, etc, or in larger scale games such as Tomorrow’s War, Stargrunt or F.A.D.

And while I was typing up this article, 15mm.co.uk has announced both a 15% Off Salute Month Sale, and the imminent release (2nd of April) of three new titles in the ever-popular, ever-expanding USE ME stable of rulesets - USE ME Support Pack, USE ME Cyberpunk and USE ME Eldritch Horror.

Darn. Resistance is, indeed, futile.

- David


  1. Great imagination and figures! I've got use for them.

  2. Some nice looking figs there, sure I could find a use for them.

  3. I love seeing people's painted versions of my figs! Please post pics or email me when you do :)

  4. I'll be grabbing these, although I still haven't painted the first lot of Eli's SMH aliens I ordered a while ago. The armed guys are every bit as characterful as the unarmed, great stuff!

  5. I am only new to 15mm sci-fi 9(But not to 15mm.co.uk) and all the new figures that are being released are exactly what I need.

    1. Completely in the same club Jacko (flashes membership card). Certainly a good time to start 15mm.

  6. Very nice. Glad to see such a huge gap in the market (alien civies) being filled so well.

  7. My favorite is in the second grouping, the first on the left. He's pretty cool.

  8. Eli has sculpted some great figures. I'm going to order them myself over the next few days. I'm also looking forward to seeing what Eli sculpts next!

  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words for Eli. He is a great guy and a real talent too.

    Keep in mind that just now you can get 15% off your order at www.15mm.co.uk in our Salute Month promo as well. Oh, and you can elect to collect from my own hands at Salute 2012 too!

    Suggestions for what to sculpt next are most welcome here or email me direct at 15mm.co.uk or on my own blog.

    Gavin Syme
    Creative Manager of www.15mm.co.uk