Thursday, 15 March 2012

CorSec Engineering adds Barrier Fence Gate and Towers

CorSec Engineering has added two new items to the 15mm Barrier Fence range: Gatehouse and Tower sections.

The Gatehouse is the same width as the normal fence sections.  It is designed to allow the gate to slide open and closed during a game.  It also features a 1" wide platform for troops and/or heavy weapon mounts.

The Towers create a 90-degree angle for your existing fence sections. They also feature a small platform - ideal for sentries or snipers.  

These new pieces convinced me to take the plunge.  I ordered eight wall sections, four towers, and a gatehouse.  This should give me the flexibility to run a continuous fence across a 24" game table, or to create an enclosed compound for ammo dumps, barracks, or research labs.  I should point out that all Barrier Fence items can be purchased with clear acrylic rods, or without them if you want to add your own.  I was tempted to use dowel rods for a Terra Nova appearance, but instead opted on some red fluorescent acrylic rods.  The CorSec store links to Plastruct's website for fluorescent rods, but I found them slightly cheaper on Hobbylinc.  



  1. I've been thinking about getting these for use on a VSF Venus. Anti-dinosaur kind of thing, like Terra Nova.

    Let us know how you like them, if you would.

  2. I'm having a local guy do some extra work to them as well. They are a great platform to kitbash and build something really crazy. I told him to go wild and figure out what he can come up with. I'll post pics on the website when he gets them done.

    @J Womack: The design was inspired by great sources like Terra Nova and Jurassic Park.

    Jonathan Bowen
    CorSec Engineering