Friday, 30 March 2012

New releases from GZG & final days of Christmas vouchers

Remember - if you bought from Ground Zero Games during the Christmas sale and haven't used your discount vouchers (like me) - they expire on 31 March.  Get your orders in first thing this weekend!  Jon does have a special treat for those of us who waited... a whole bunch of new goodies were just released.

For the NAC (possibly the most popular human army in all of 15mm Sci Fi), we have this great pack of medics with wounded:

Along with some NAC casualties.  

Jon received many customer requests for casualty figures.  If these prove to be popular, it's something we could hope to see in his other factions.

The Crusties also received some love.  The extremely popular Crusty Mech received a second pose variant. This one is a bit more dynamic than the first version, and will let us field larger units of these great walkers.

On the Civilians & Characters side, we now have a Survey Team in Vac Suits.  These would be a great companion for the Surveyor Tracked Explorer Vehicle

The versatile Rommel Hover Tank received two new variants.  One is armed with a quad pulse cannon:

And the other a dual multi-missile launcher:

The quad pulse cannon seems designed to take down fast-moving aircraft.  The missile system is far more versatile.  It could be a long-range artillery piece, or a dedicated hunter of mecha or tanks.  

The new weapons systems for these tanks would also look great as standalone defensive positions.  And Jon must have been thinking the same thing, because both are available as groundmount systems.

Kudos to Jon for loads of great new minis!


Edit: I missed two new items!  The first is a pack of tripod-mount energy cannons with gunners for the extremely popular UNSC range:

And the second is a variant of the Gauntlet Hover APC - armed with a multi-missile system.

And check out Jon's comment below - there may be some additional new items available at Salute.


  1. That's some very nice releases from Jon. Especially the casualty figures. With Tomorrow's War becoming so popular, everyone should be doing them.

  2. There is also HMG for UNSC-L infantry:

    Wish UNSC-L medics similar to NAC soldiers!

  3. Will these be available at salute? And does GZG has any plan for some salute specific deals?

  4. Thanks for the great write-up, Chris! There are a couple of other items you didn't mention, a missile-armed variant of the Gauntlet APC (V15-82B) and the UNSC-L plasma gun teams (SG15-U27).
    The casualty figures are an experiment for us - some people seem to like using them, others don't, so customer reaction (ie: sales!) to these NAC ones will give us an idea of whether it's worth us doing them for the other nations as well. We'll see how they go - if we sell enough NAC packs, then you can expect some for the NI, UNSC and others.
    As to Salute, all these new items will be available there of course, and hopefully there will also be a few extra new releases that I didn't have time to get ready for the end of this month - one or two nice big surprises, and MAYBE the first sight of the TW figures!
    Jon (GZG)

  5. Thanks for the Info Jon I guess I need to save more money to get more GZG goodies at salute then, see you there :)

  6. Ditto :)

    Jon thanks for the heads up and I will also see you at Salute to get some GZG goodness :)

    Myself and a group from the Gruntz Forum will be helping Robin Fitton run some into games of Gruntz 15mm there :)

    See some images of the terrain here:

    Hope to see some you guys there :)

    Cheers Matt

  7. When I see that survey team, this is what I think of...

  8. wI think wounded figures and casualties are great for rescue games or to give some depth to your games environment.