Friday, 9 March 2012

All Kinds of New Stuff

We've seen new 15mm Sci Fi minis released by the truckload this week!

Khurasan Miniatures has added a ton of new figures this week.  For their primary Federation Forward sci-fi universe, we have:

  • Sepulvedan Resistance Fighters Set #2
  • Sepulvedan Resistance Fighters "Liberated" Mortars (taken from the evil clutches of the Control Battalions)
  • Lhurgg Tribesmen with Huk-Huk Electric Swords
  • Lhurgg Tribesmen with Spike Mortars
  • Felid "Pouncer" Launchers (seeing a definite trend with mortars this week!)
  • Dual-Purpose Light Spacecraft Passengers - a pack of alien Bounty Hunters (seen on the right)

Khurasan also updated their End Times range with:
  • Government Forces in Power Armor (these would be great in any sci-fi setting)
  • Gutter Gophers
  • Supersoldier Mutant Warlord (currently featured on Spacejacker's blog)
And finally, the Planet 15 range ha been reinforced by this Martian OG Heavy Combat Unit shown on the right.

Khurasan added a ton of items to the Little Carinthia Eldritch horror range.  While not strictly sci-fi, they still might find uses as demons or primitive creatures in some alien empires.

*     *     *     *     *

The smaller manufacturers were busy this week, too.  RAFM added the Insolani bug race.  These look like very interesting sculpts - they manage to pull off "bugs with guns" without being cartoony:

Meanwhile, Oddzial Osmy reinforced the New Vistula Legion.  They have received a pack of command characters, a set of tripod-mounted heavy machine guns (or grenade launchers if you prefer), and a mortar pack.  These are available now from Fighting 15s and Picoarmor.  

Finally (and sorry we didn't say something sooner!), Ravenstar Studios is having a brief sale on the Land Core 15mm drones and vehicles range.  



  1. What a great week for 15mm sci-fi. Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. That Planet 15 robot has a great look to it. I know it's not going to get as much attention as the rest of the stuff but to me it has a nice Star Wars feel it it and I could see a few of them populating any star port set up painted in various colors. Perhaps they are loader droids, sort of robotic dock workers.


  3. I'm sure Jon at Khurasan is trying to bankrupt me...he must know I am so weak!

  4. Are the civilians in the Khurasan range new as well? I don't recall seeing them before - in the federal police section.

  5. They are new, but not with this release. They got one of their own a bit back.

  6. At last Lhurgg reinforcements!

  7. And I am becoming increasingly tempted into some gothic horror with Khurasan's growing range there. Nice character poses.