Friday, 16 March 2012

USE ME - Terminus Scenario Five

Barking Irons has posted the fifth and final scenario in the USE ME Terminus mini-campaign: A Node In The Right Direction.

After withstanding four of Terminus' combat tests, the Challengers have located one of its control nodes.  A small force of drop troopers is inserted to prepare the node for aerial extraction.  But Terminus rarely leaves its nodes unguarded - it responds with a combined force of infantry and light vehicles.  

It would be great to field Mad Robot Jump Troopers as the Challengers in this scenario.  For Terminus' forces, I'm thinking either Eureka Ventaurans with GZG Cyclops Walkers, or Blue Moon Universalists with The Scene Jet Bikes.  And the node itself will provide another good excuse for some junk building.  

I'd like to thank Gavin Syme and the Barking Irons team for providing these scenarios.  Be sure to let them know if you want to see more scenarios and goodies for the USE ME system.  I've played through the first Terminus scenario - the battle report will be posted soon.


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