Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rebel Minis releases Remote Gun

From Rebel Minis:

We have been working on our Sci-fi bases here at Rebel and one of my buddies suggested we needed some remote guns or station guns to protect our bases. So, we called John Bear Ross and "Poof!". Here you have it!

The Remote Gun comes in 2 Parts and also has an Earth Force Tech included. Check it out here: Rebelminis.com

This was painted by Jeff Racel! More Stuff announcing soon! Thanks!

All Your Base Are Belong to Us.

This is a great piece for attacker/defender scenarios.  And at $3.49 each, it wouldn't be difficult to mount several of these onto a military base or border defense post.  And they are large enough to be a convincing anti-armor or anti-mecha weapon.  

I'm going to pick up two for my Laurentian Defense Forces, and try re-running the first Christmas War secenario.  It might also be fun to try sci-fi Brecourt Manor-inspired scenario with these Remote Guns.



  1. That's quite nice, and as stated not very expensive.