Monday, 12 March 2012

USE ME Terminus Campaign Update

More Terminus micro-scenarios for the USE ME Sci-Fi system have been posted on Barking Irons.

These are fun little games, with a very enjoyable adventure setting.  A young spacefaring race is being challenged by Terminus - an invisible power which controls the boundaries of its solar system.  Terminus is pitting the eager adventurers against many different challenges, determining whether or not they are worthy to travel among the stars.  

  • Scenario One. The challengers land on an outer moon and are pitted against a small (but equal) force.  
  • Scenario Two.  The challengers must withstand the onslaught of a massive horde of primitive attackers
  • Scenario Three.  After defeating the primitives, the challengers are pitted against a massive high-tech war machine.
  • Scenario Four.  The challengers attempt to restock supplies and ammo from a friendly ship.  Terminus sends an advanced opponent to destroy the convoy.
With just a little bit of improvisation, you can adapt these settings to any force in your collection.  Want to play a smaller game?  Halve the size of each force.  Bigger game?  Just double them!  

And half the fun is trying to figure out which forces to use in the scenarios.  I've narrowed my Challengers down to either my Rebel Earthforce Hardtops or my GZG Islamic Federation infantry.  for the first scenario, a small team of Rebel Scourge would be ideal attackers.  I looked at a few fantasy options for the second, but I think my Oddzial Osmy Space Worms would be an entertaining choice.  What about a suitable Big Bad for Scenario Three?  A Ravenstar Studios Slasher Drone, of course!  And Critical Mass Games Kaamados Dominion or 15mm.Co.Uk Octopods would be great opponents for the fourth scenario.  

Scenario Five should be posted to Barking Irons later this week.  In the meantime, I finished painting a Brigade Models Athena VTOL last night - perfect for the first scenario's landing craft.  I'll run the first scenario early this week and post the results here.


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