Friday, 16 March 2012

15mm Accessories from National Cheese Emporium

Longtime 15mm gamer and TMP user Javelin98 offers a variety of 15mm accessories and components on his Shapeways shop - the National Cheese Emporium.  These include a variety of furniture and components for starship and space station interiors (cryobeds, computer terminals, etc.), assorted street furniture like vending machines and swimming pools, and assorted separate backpacks for 1/100 figures.  

Here's a quick look at some of his items:

Medlab Station

Vending Machines - Love the gumball machines!


That last one really appeals to me.  It's a set of 20 backpack-mounted heavy weapons in four different types.  These are yet another option to add heavy weapons to so-called "incomplete" figure ranges.  These could be added to anything from old-style RAFM Traveller figures to new Blue Moon ranges.

So take a look at the National Cheese Emporium on Shapeways.  The items are a bit pricey since they're printed on demand, but will add something truly unique to your collections.  We'll try to sneak an interview with Javelin98, so we can see what else he might bring to the table.  

Chris K.


  1. These look great, i would love to see them printed out.

  2. Some interesting stuff there. I'm looking for things like these, as a relative newcomer to 15mm I've seen plenty of buildings and corridor sets, but not much to fill them with.

  3. Some good stuff in there - especially the wheels! I can replace the 'discs with blocks' wheels off my 15mm vehicles now.

  4. I'm definitely a fan... I can probably make some Glitter Boys if the cash flow frees up a bit.