Wednesday, 28 March 2012

15mm Paper Buildings from Red Knight Entertainment

Red Knight Entertainment writes:

We are proud to announce the 1st preview of the Materion science fiction city terrain for 15 and 20mm scales. A huge paper terrain set with 13 different buildings, plenty of 4 and 6 lane street tiles and a large variety of city props.

Materion is paper terrain designed to flood your table with  simple, easy to build, incredibly detailed terrain. The buildings have large  glue tabs and are very easy to put together. The rooftops are also simple in  their construction and have tabs that come down to keep them from shifting or  blowing off the buildings. You can build a 4x8' table chock full of detailed Line of Sight interrupting goodness in the span of a single day.
The RKE Materion Future Tech Paper Terrain Set includes:

  •  12 completely different buildings with 3, 4, and 5  story versions of all 12 buildings. A double wide scenario building is included for a total of 13 different buildings. All buildings and rooftops collapse perfectly flat for easy travel and storage. 
  • Large amount of city props. (Small and large crates, Short and long pipes, media billboards, security pillars, short  walls, tall walls, power obelisk) 
  • 15 street and city tiles. (4 lane and six lane streets, right turns, left turns,  parking lots, cull-de-sacs etc) - Alternate Sidewalk/Ground Tile without grid included. 
  • Photo tutorials included showing where to bend paper. 
  • Instructions for various scales. 
  • Construction tips. 

The Materion Future Tech Terrain with all 13 buildings, city props and street  tiles will be introduced at $12 in downloadable PDF for the first 400 sales worldwide.  After that the terrain will be permanently  restocked at $16. 
Go to for previews.

These Red Knight Entertainment buildings look like a great way to quickly build an urban battlefield.  And the Materion series is very different than the paper buildings we've seen before.  I look forward to trying some out for my 1/100 Mecha battles.  



  1. That's really interesting - i'm looking out for good "futuristic", urban terrain.

    I've had some kind of critical failure on my roll-to-google. Is there a convenient list of 15mm terrain somewhere that you'd recommend? I've been finding it much harder to find interesting "futuristic" stuff in this scale than in 28mm.

  2. There isn't much out there yet, especially futuristic urban terrain. Futuristic buildings and fortifications are available from GZG, Critical Mass Games, Brigade Models, Khurasan, and The Scene.

    Proxie Models has the best 15mm urban terrain (particularly the ruins), but they aren't terribly futuristic.