Tuesday, 26 January 2010

GZG 15mm Light UNSC & Cyclops Battlesuit Preview

Absolutely love these guys....

GZG 15mm Sci Fi SG15-U20
UNSC Light Infantry in Advanced Combat Armour
Rifles Pack A (8 figs, 2 each of 4 poses) £2.50

V15-79A "Cyclops" Heavy Battlesuit
(2.8m tall Infantry Combat Walker )
heavy autorifle - pack of 2,
variant poses with separate arms.
£3.50 for 2 figs

V15-79B "Cyclops" Heavy Battlesuit
(2.8m tall Infantry Combat Walker)
special weapons - pack of 2,
variant poses with separate arms,
1 each of 2 weapon variants.
£3.50 for 2 figs



  1. I love the poses too.

    Very nicely done, and the sculpting is good as well.

    Finally, an excellent selection of troops actively searching for, and firing on the enemy.

    I hope we will be seeing more of the UNSC hardsuit troops, and some of these with rocket/jet/anti-grav packs, or belts. Otherwise, the grav armor may just steamroll right over them.

  2. Glad to see the battlesuits making the grade... I just wonder what the "special" weapons will be...

    Personally I'm hoping for something like:

  3. Nice figures all. The infantry look great. Interesting that they tagged them as UNSC.

    The Cyclops is a cool take on a battlesuit and even though it seems a bit top heavy, it is still a great model.

  4. I like the postures of the UNSC infantry.
    The cyclops to me simply looks out of scale. I have no clear picture how the pilot would fit in.

    Hugo Fleder