Friday, 29 January 2010

Life Work The Universe...... More Soddin' Snow!

Had been looking forward to a productive week but it's been both an emotionally and mentally demanding one at work. Mid-week the evenings got hi-jacked in purchasing a new Land-Rover.

And just as well, it's sitting in the drive this morning covered in an inch of snow, that beat down overnight from nowhere causing havoc on the roads again -

A90 this morning (EE photo)

We put feelers out in the village for a new 'Landy' at the weekend. After being cut off by the snow and floods at the beginning of the year we felt it was time. I'd been hoping for a Defender, something I could work on myself if required, but in f'ermin country they go at a premium - around twice list price.

Nevertheless, Bill from our local garage came up trumps with a 2001 model, in very good nick, owned by himself and half list price for a quick deal! Took it for a test drive into the hills. DONE!

Stopped by Hobbycraft in Aberdeen on my way home last night and bought a hobby hot glue gun - mini glue guns and accessories are half price at the moment - so hot glue gun, mat and two packets of glue sticks for a tenner! The cashier, Pamela, has served me before - really pleasant woman. She told me "This will be the last time you see me" - turns out this brand new bright and shiny branch that opened just before Christmas is making her and seven of her colleagues redundant. I gave her Heather's business card as H is always looking for good staff, told Pamela I'd recommend her and to get in touch.

Today, I've tried to 'catch up' by re-basing 4 platoons of USNC, basing and painting the new Khurasan Nymph bugs and doing some headswops on various miniatures.

Khurasan 15mm Sci Fi
Space Demon Nymphs
( WIP)



  1. Good god man! Stay safe. We haven't had flake one this winter. Heck we hit 60 degrees one day.

    Too bad about the shop gal. Good karma on giving her a leg up. The benefits of supporting local businesses and the whole community feel, eh?

    Love the nymphs, those look cool and though I do not see myself picking up others of the Space Demon ilk, these will go on the list.