Sunday, 10 January 2010

Weekend Project - AI 'Drone Army'

I'm starting another mini-project today. Building and painting the first elements of an AI Drone force of mixed GZG Gun Drones, mini UAVs and Wheeled MAWPS.

I really like the way Jon has mounted them in the picture above, but I have to be more practical and will mount the bulk in two's to maximise their versatility in a spectrum of game systems whilst also attempting to meet my vision for them on the tabletop. My intention is to use them both as near future force multipliers and 'early' Sci Fi 'soldiers' rather than individual mini tanks. I'll discuss more about this in a later post.

As things stand I can lay my hands on 3 packs of Gun Drones, 2 packs of mini UAVs and 3 assorted Wheeled MAWPs. My plan is to supplement them using my Xmas discount voucher from GZG as I always like using these discounts to pick up more of the less 'glamorous' bits of kit or accessories.

I want to build this force up so that it can be an independant AI battle force in it's own right whilst also being suitable as an 'early' Mechanoid Army with Alien Squad Leader.

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned GZG's Gun Bots? Well, I don't want to have all my eggs in one basket. The tracked Gun Bots are sufficiently different to be used in opposition forces.

I bought the Drones, MAWPS and UAVs originally not for any high fallutin' ideas about military AI, but for purely practical reasons. They are 'anonymous' in their design, so can be used to quickly and cheaply provide support weapons from squad to company level or even become additional 'soldier' units to augment any existing force on the tabletop. But again, more about this later this week.



  1. I like the golden color on these bots.

  2. That's just an unintentional lighting effect in the photo, I'm afraid! They are bare metal castings with a black ink wash.

    Jon (GZG)