Sunday, 31 January 2010

STOP PRESS: 15mm Corridor System from Litko!

Just what we've all been waitying for, Litko have released a 15mm Sci Fi Mini Corridor (tile) System kit.

The Mini Corridor Starter Set is supported by two sets of additional corridor tiles. All come unpainted and the airlock doors require minimal assembly. As you can see though - Sci Fi guncrawls are easily within your grasp without messing with printers, scissors and paper glue.

The Mini Corridor Starter Set retails at $89.00 includes: 20x door bases, 40x airlock door parts, 20x entry tiles, 4x cross section tiles, 4x tee section tiles, 4x corner section tiles, 2x dean end tiles, 4x 1 space corridors, 8x 2 space corridors, 8x 3 space corridors, 4x 4 space corridors, 4x 5 space corridors, 1x 4 door room, 2x 3 door room, 3x 2 door room and 2x 1 door room.

More details on the Litko webstore:



  1. I think they might be a little underscaled for me to use them. So far I've based everything on pennies, which are around 20mm. The 20mm space demons in the pics are very tight fits on the corridors. Jim definitely scaled those tiles for 15mm-diameter bases.

  2. They look great, but like Bunker says, for those of us who base on pennies, they are a bit too small...