Sunday, 3 January 2010

Generic Terrain from The Scene

In my prep for the 2010 gaming season, I've been building up my scenery collection. Especially given that I'll also be running games from the Asylum Books and Games store in Aberdeen.

Mike at The Scene (UK) offers a wide range of terrain products that met my criteria for good looking, hard-wearing and portable terrain.

I picked up three Hard Backed Grey/Green Hills. HG002: 8"x 4", HG006: 8" x 8" and HG009: 12 1/2"x 5 1/2". They stand about 17mm tall, have gentle sloping sides, and are finished with patches of grey stones.

The Scene UK, Hard-Backed Grey/Green Hills
HG006 bottom, HG009 top

They look good on the table, provide both cover and visible height advantage, and are practical too. When not in use I keep them in their plastic bags and store on top of each other in a shallow drawer. The colour balance in the photo is poor so don't take the colours you see as a guide.

You can also see RG011A: rocky ground from the Generic Scatter range, just £3,00 painted and flocked. Surprisingly nice and dirt (excuse the pun) cheap. Here's a closeup...

The Scene UK, RG011A Rocky Ground

The trooper is a GZG 15mm OUDF figure from my recently completed 123rd Steppenwolves. I've included him deliberately because I'm going for a Northern Steppes feel - and hence the next scatter terrain ROoo1B: Rocky Outcrops, 5 pieces painted and flocked for £9.00:

The Scene UK, ROoo1B Rocky Outcrops
only 2 pieces illustrated

Now, these are tasty! The rocks come with a Citadel Space Wolves(ish) grey finish and provide substantial cover for both infantry and vehicles. Well worth the money, which I can say with authority because Heather bought me a Woodland Scenics 'rock' mould (C1233) for around £6 as an extra little something for Xmas. So that's £6 before we count casting material, base, paints and flock, time and effort. Less than a tenner and 5 pieces of scatter terrain ready to go straight on the table.

Whilst not distinctly Sci Fi as such, this terrain will be used in many of our Hyborian Sci Fi games in addition to WW2 Götterdämmerung, historicals and fantasy, over and above alien invasions and Merc tickets on settled worlds.

Time spent checking out The Scene will be well spent. Mike's ranges are constantly evolving and he has some great stuff at affordable prices.


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