Saturday, 9 January 2010

AaahWoo, Werewolves in Warsaw!

Piotr of Pole Bitwy has sent me the following photos of greens from his forthcoming 15mm Sci Fi ranges.

Pole Bitwy 15mm Sci Fi
Werewolf Alpha Male, Simian Trooper, Aquaman

Pole Bitwy 15mm Sci Fi Werewolf Separate Heads
(Battlefront WW2 Soviets for comparison)

The Werewolf Alpha Male is about 26mm to the top of his head, 24mm to the eyes. The Aquaman is 22mm to the top of the crest on the head and 18mm to the eyes. These minis will be sold in packets of eight minis [two copies each of four different variants]. The werewolf heads sprue should fit most modern sized 15mm minis.

Piotr is also releasing a line of '6mm' Simians. Now these 6mm are in fact 12mm tall, which makes them suitable as an alternative race of Simian troopers or allows you to create a Simian Alliance army!

Pole Bitwy 15mm Sci Fi
12mm Simian on left

If you haven't seen Piotr's '15mm' Simian Heavy Weapon Troopers yet, you can catch them on TMP (click here).


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  1. I wonder, should I do a sprue of werewolf heads in helmets ?