Thursday, 7 January 2010

It's all gone a bit Abominable!

Finished my Abominable Snowmen (Green Eyed Minis) - painted and based. God have they have turned out good! Heather thinks they are the best miniatures I've painted. But she said that after trudging through a snowstorm on the way home last night, so her judgement may be suspect!

Ok, so bouyed up by my success, I decided at 10pm to start painting Rebel Minis' Nazi Zombies. In the study I have second thoughts - too late to start paint spraying methinks....maybe, but sitting in the desk tidy waiting for a lick of paint is Herr Doktor Von Klumpenstein the projenitor of the Nazi Zombie menace!

The figure is a Flames of War 15mm WW2 German Officer. He was available a couple of years ago in a command figure pack - 2 different command figs for £1. I bought two, the other specifically to be Kurt 'Panzer' Meyer (as he appeared at Mariupol, 1941).

With only a small conversion - turning his MP40 into a Blaster rifle, he would make a great Sci Fi Commissar or Commander figure!

Nazi Zombies on the workbench tomorrow night!


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  1. Oh good i'm glad about that. Nothing like a bit of zombie goodness to brighten up a dull winter evening.