Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Name That Alien!

This is your chance to gain a little wargaming kudos. Dropship Horizon is giving you the opportunity to officially name the alien races in the new packs of Mercenaries from Critical Mass Games.

The Tangos

The Mangos

The Blockheads

The Hissers

I've given each photo an Imperial Intelligence, Section 8 codename for ease of identification. All you have to do is come up with a unique name for the race of aliens represented by that codename.

You can name one or more packs. Up to you. To make things more fun, tells us:

1) Name of the alien race
2) Their planet of origin
3) They're Mercs - who is their patron and what is their mission.

Post your answers as comments below. Closing date is Friday 22nd Jan, 2010. Good luck and have fun!



  1. Codename: Blockheads
    Race: Murgatroids
    Planet of Origin: Vespasius VII
    Patron: Republik of Iskandor
    Mission: Pacification of the slums of the capital city, Ishpelheim (Urban warfare being the race's specialty)

  2. I like the running/fast advancing pose of the Mangoes.

    Much better than just standing around, waiting to be shot, or looking as if the figure is bored out of its mind.

  3. Name) The Nag
    Planet of Origin)Patala
    Patron) The Combine Corporation
    Mission) Assist in "negotiations" with the indigenous inhabitants of the swamp world Bangweulu.

    More if wanted. i got a bit carried away!

  4. BTW its pronounced Narg not like Nag (a horse I just bet on!!)

  5. Codename: Mangos
    Race: Seraphima
    Planet of Origin: Seraph, 3rd moon of Narthex
    Patron: Bishopric of Alpha Cigni (Deneb)
    Mission: With the invasion of the Pelagic Dominate, the Bishop of Deneb sought hire of the Seraphima to defend against swarms of Parasachnid and Karkine drop troops. Upon their victory, the Bishop granted them their choice of the Bishopric's antiquities and a 50 year stipend to protect the people of Narthex. In return, the Seraphima have sworn hire to the planet for 50 years or until the Dominate falls.

  6. Codename: Tangos
    Race: Hyrocoth
    Planet of Origin: Perissodac
    Patron: Hipparion the Unpleasant
    Mission: Security for colonial tax collection and health inspections.

  7. Codename: Blockheads
    Race: M'jar
    Planet of Origin: Tau Ceti V (known to the M'Jar as Kreiss, a word in their language that translates as "That cold b#$&%h that keeps trying to kill us).
    Patron: Union of Planets (with all the effectiveness and honesty of the present day UN).
    Mission: Several M'Jar mercenary units have been brought in by the Union to end the genocidal war on Tancredi II now entering it's eighth year where two factions of humans kill each other over a variety of economic and ethnic reasons. The Union, after dithering for eight years on how to end the conflict, sent in several M'Jar units to end the fighting and enforce a settlement decided upon by the Union. The M'Jar have enforced the agreement, which is unpopular to both sides, with their usual ruthless efficiency, and even with the fact that the skinflints of the Union are shorting the Mercs every chance they get, the M'Jar still outgun everybody on planet. The heavy handed tactics may yet unify the world, against both the M'Jar and the League....

  8. Codename: The Hissers
    Name of Alien Race: Agraloi
    Planet of Origin: Sirriousus
    Patron and Mission:

    The Agraloi, a minor Sirrioususii desert tribe, were on the losing side of a struggle to control a vital oasis in the deep deserts of Sirriousus. Ejected from their lands, and facing annihilation in the desert, they welcomed representatives of the interstellar mining company Khevaldi Merchatile Technum as saviours, especially when offered advanced weaponry and the opportunity to serve KMT’s interests on-planet. Their snake-like bodies perfectly adapted for moving across the dunelands and scaling the ragged, wind-scoured buttes, the Agraloi have proved superior to the off-world mercenaries employed by KMT’s competitors and a match for the disorganised local desert tribes.

  9. Codename: The Tangos
    Name of Alien Race: Jan’fahal
    Planet of Origin: Unkalgo
    Patron and Mission:
    The Jan’fahal of Unkalgo are unfortunate in that theirs is a resource-poor planet. With a burgeoning population and a collapsing economy, the government has entered the Mercenary market as a supplier of cheap cannon-fodder.

    Green Jan’fahali units are noted for the ferocity of their assaults, pressing on in the face of incredible losses. Veteran Jan’fahali units are renown for the tenacity of their defence, clinging to their positions and defensive works until the death of the very last trooper. On the downside, green Jan’fahali units are almost uncontrollable and once committed to an assault, impossible to recall or redirect, while their veteran compatriots are hard to redeploy once assigned a sector to hold.

    Interstellar companies, such as Khevaldi Merchantile Technum, often deploy veteran Jan’fahali units to guard installations on potentially hostile planets, while the Principality of Hashoun recently conquered the rest of the planet Eskerios by deploying two divisions of green Jan’fahali units as shock troops.

  10. Codename: The Blockheads
    Name of Alien Race: Livaddik
    Planet of Origin: Epipranious
    Patron and Mission:
    Epipranious is a high-gravity planet and the Livaddik are squat and powerful humanoids. Livaddik clans often hire out as mercenaries, seeing offworld service as good training for the endemic clan wars on Epipranious.

    Prince Osa Ghar of Imbiarn, a principality on Eskerios, has recently hired a company-strength unit of Livaddik in preparation for the liberation of Imbiarn from the Hashounite occupiers. The Hashounites are known to deploy units of Jan’fahali mercenaries and the Livaddik are enthusiastic about the coming conflict. A good result will enhance the Livaddik clan’s reputation, especially on Epipranious, and improve the hire price they can charge. Securing Imbiarn for Prince Osa Ghar will be a pleasant secondary result from the Livaddik’s point of view.

  11. Codename: The Mangos
    Name of Alien Race: Pherle
    Planet of Origin: Nansorn
    Patron and Mission:
    When Nansorn was sacked by the brutal Gamyani Brotherhood, the only survivors of the Pherle (pronounced Fer-lay) where the crews and marines of two Pherlean Battlecruisers on deployment with the United Planets Defence Force. Even after the Gamyani were dispersed, the Pherle chose to remain shipbound, surviving as a mercenary cadre while also serving the Directorate of the United Planets as a rapid response force.

    Pherle marines, in their distinctive armour, are the most commonly encountered members of this race. Predominantly female, they are deadly small unit fighters, much in demand for security operations. Any prospective employer is always advised upfront that the Pherle may be called away on UP business at short notice, though all fees will be refunded in full.