Saturday, 2 January 2010

"Oh my God. Ze Gas Mask Bandits!"

Told you I was having fun! Peter Pig WW2 Pack 285: Russians in greatcoat with SMG given that retro Sov-Block 'Kolony' Rebel look with a GZG gasmask separate head.

Just a rough 5 minute job to see if it works. Peter Pig 15mm are exactly what they say on the tin - mostly that is - a few ranges, such as the modern USMC are bigger. This means that side by side with Rebel Minis, GZG, Critical Mass Games, these P.Pig Soviets are noticably smaller, though not at all when a couple of inches away from each other on the tabletop.

The new GZG separate heads though , are not surprisingly on the larger side, so they won't work in every instance - but the gasmask heads do! And, because they ARE just that bit larger than the P.Pig figure, the whole distopian effect is enhanced.

Peter Pig also offer a range of WW2 Germans in greatcoat which includes MP44 assault rifles, Panzerfausts, Soviet SMGs. Many of these and some of the Germans in 'Zeltbahn', could be potentials for the 'Kolony' treatment.



  1. And it gets crazier. I love this blog. Any chance we cn see them painted when they are finished?

  2. Head swaps are addicting, ain't they?