Tuesday, 5 January 2010

IN THE PIPE... whats coming in 2010 from Khurasan Miniatures

Happy New Year
to everyone from Jon at Khurasan Miniatures!

Jon has sent me a snapshot of what's going on at the Khurasan foundrywerkz in order that I don't commit to making rash New Year resolutions before knowing what's on the way in 2010!

1) Mantis Stalkers are to be released NEXT, painter to work on them this week

2) Felid second batch (two line troops, two Heavy Weapons) are sculpted and on their way to

3) Space Demon Colossus and Nymphs are at painters.

4) Alien Hunter is having final details sculpted - Billy:"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man. We're all gonna die".

5) Sculptor working on the basic troops for the Sepulvedan (Human) Resistance. Think Eastern Europe - woolly hats, chest rigs - that sort of thing.

6) The Sepulvedan 'Technical' (armed truck) crew is being cast.

7) The castings of the Evil Warbots have just arrived and about to go to painter.

8) Corporate Marine L-HAC is sculpted and printed and on its way to the caster

9) Corporate Marine APC, an anti-grav/wheeled hybrid, will be sculpted this
month, I'm pretty sure

10) Orca Assault Troopers you know about ...

11) JBR has finished the Garn Battle Barge, both the Alligator
Class Combat Transport and the Crocodile Class Heavy Escort. (These are Federation designations, the Garn call them something completely indecipherable.) One Croc accompanies two Gators in assaults. The Croc has three turrets!

12) Mike Broadbent is making the Vespulids

13) Corporate Marine Power Armour variants being sculpted from dollies.

14) Chewks being sculpted -- More about the Chewks in a separate post, where I'll introduce them fully as it is quite a substantial range.

Cracking! 2010 is going to be a fun year for Sci Fi from Khurasan Miniatures and I haven't got round to telling you about the Cinematic Sci Fi releases....

Whilst Jon would like to provide some sort of release schedule, he is quite rightly saying, look this is what's in the pipe and I don't want to disappoint people if timescales slip and projects need to be pushed back or reprioritised.

Plenty to look forward to! The Mantis Stalkers and Felids are at the top of my list.

Thanks for the headsup Jon!




  1. Eagerly awaiting, well, damn near everything on the list...

  2. Sweet heavens. My wallet is in the corner weeping.

  3. Clear some space in your miniature containers for those Alligators and Crocodiles. They're going to be _big_. Fun models to sculpt.