Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Breath in the Hills


We woke to something of an exception these days - a crisp, calm, bright sunny morning. Rather than paint minis I took the opportunity to have a wander in the glorious sunshine and check the local roads and paths for access/egress. The fields were completey flooded but the roads were passable. I enjoyed just being outdoors.

I've been slowly going a little stir crazy over the past 3 weeks, what with 'Donkey Cough' then the snow and, the continued filthy weather combined effectively keeping me indoors, or office bound during the day when I finally got back to work.

The hills were magnificent in their snowy mantle. Just to the right and out of the picture above, one of the lower hills was largely denuded of snow. From an angle it seemed to have a pattern of snow remaining in gullies and folds that looked something like the Uffington 'White Horse' . Inspiration! I'm going to get an extra 'green' hard backed hill from Mike at The Scene to paint a primitive, pictish style creature on it for my 'Valley of the Fire Dragon' fantasy gaming background.

I think a stylistic version of this Pictish Wolf or perhaps even a Viking Boar symbol would be interesting. Must get Khurasan's Norse next month plus's Fire Giant as a Conanesque Frost Giant for Age of Might & Steel battles.


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  1. Have you considered painting the Cerne Abbas giant ???????