Monday, 10 January 2011

Resistance is Futile.....

Despair and frustration will not shake our belief 
that the resistance is the only way of liberation. 

For humanity to make a stand against alien invaders, Zombie plagues or genocidal machines, there must be men and women in 15mm ready to stand and fight......

 Khurasan Miniatures: TTC-1400

Rebel Miniatures: RMPAS
Post Apoc Survivors

Is that John Connor? We're Saved!

'Mug Shot' with GZG Ravagers for comparison

Rebel Minis: RMAM1
African Militia, Well Armed

African Militia? They carry almost nothing in the way of military kit - no chest rigs,  spare RPG warheads, webbing etc but simply wear a range of modern clothing. Perfect for the Peoples Revolutionary Strike Force.

Rebel Minis: RMGT3
Government Types

Now, I didn't make use of Mike's superb special offer this Christmas, I guess there was just too much to choose from and my brain was fried. But if I had, and definitely included in my next order, would have been the latest pack, RGMT3; 'Government Types'.  There's just something about them in the photo above from the Rebel Minis website, where they look like an ad hoc group of nervous and unsure survivors in the immediate aftermath of an apocalypse. with a couple of guys who are more sure of themselves and tooled up from the local gunshop. The dark blue, grey, black colours.? Look at any group of people getting off a train in the morning and you will see most are in dark, sombre colours from autumn on through mid-Spring. At least in this part of the world, Of course I'll paint one or two in ex-army jackets or outdoor cagoules etc to ring the changes.



  1. Those Govt. Types would fit well with the Scene's Men in black figures.

  2. Definitely Spacejacker. And Mike has some nice survivor figures too.


  3. And if you want to game military/government types when the outbreak first occurs, these are fantastic options:

    I can just imagine that our military leadership will decide MOPP 4 is required even months after we learn the virus isn't airborne. :)


  4. Those FBI feild agents + The scenes MIB types + the rebel minis biohazard team = a great set of first reponders for any kind of emergency. Zombies to crashed saucers.
    Heck combine them with the Khurasan predator and I have almost everything I need for predator 2 :)