Sunday, 16 January 2011

Up The Blues!

One particular reply to my previous post about an apocalyptic London divided into militant gangs of survivors based on football allegiances, has set the inspiration bus off!

Kobold brought this book to my attention:

"Albion! Albion!" by Dick Morland - England in the 1990s: an England in which the partisan and hysterical hooliganism of football supporters, now completely out of control, has determined a pattern of political life. Parliament has been permanently dissolved, and the country self-divided into four clubs - City, United, Wanderers, and Athletic - all violently opposed to one another.

Think- quick and dirty AK47 Republic style of game. You can design different permutations of coloured strips rather than flag; club names that end in  City, United, Wanderers, or Athletic, which won't impinge on current club loyalties; make up your own club nicknames; terrace chants, we can amend the political charts; the leaders become different types of Club Managers - let's face it there's a few dictators, demogogues and the like out there (Need club manager figures in camel coats).

Battles can be based around the control of 'natural' urban resources, such as petrol garages, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, allotments etc. or key points such as railway viaducts.

London Hackney Taxi-Cab technicals!
Pearly Kings with sub-machine guns "um diddle diddle diddle um diddle aye" 

City ruin templates which can include interchanges, flyovers, or London landmarks, toxic zones, Zombified zones? And any generic ruins you have can be tarted up and Londonified with the simple addition of a Hornby red postbox or telephone kiosk, London bus barricades etc etc

Instead of key players being transferred between clubs we have Mercs or even PA battlesuits (for the more Sci Fi orientated game). Winning resources means greater ability to purchase 'Performers' for your club (in Political Charts for one-off games?).

Please stop me.........

If all you want is the combat side of it, then Alien Squad Leader v2 with it's Outlaw Gang army being the basis of your forces would be perfect with little or no adaptation.In fact nothing to stop you could merging the pre-game elements of AK47 with ASqL2.

It can be as modern, dystopian future or Sci Fi as you want. In fact only a few dedicated miniatures to add team 'colour' might be required and they can be paint or simple putty wooly hat/scarf conversions.



  1. Hows the ventalation in your painting room? Seroiusly, it has just as much merit as any other post apoc scenario.Foriegn imports? Top gunmen from Ghana? We just got Munichs top anti tank guy for two thousand rounds of 5.56 and some surplus landmines.

  2. That's entertainment! I already have one mercenary regiment based off a US college football team (using GZG NAC and Old Crow Slammers vehicles), and am assembling a second using the old buckethead Traveller minis and Matchbox vehicles.

    I was just going for the color schemes, but a surviving faction in a post-apoc setting makes perfect sense. The Caprica Bucs certainly did it in the first season of the new Battlestar Galactica...