Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sniper Scout Idea

Sniper / Scout project for my Neo-Brits: Khurasan Federal Army SAW gunner (and/or Sniper figure), GZG googly visor head, putty cloak.....

The Khurasan Federal Army heads are easy to remove - I'm thankful of this after a week of hacking at 20mm Moderns for Winter of '79. You can twist the heads on most of the standing figures. This one needs a small cut then you can lever the head off with your thumb.

Keep the heads you've removed and can use them again on the likes of Rebel or QRF Modern US miniatutes which will give you Federal Army auxiliaries, Colonial militia or Near Future troopers.  You can also use them as stowage on the side of vehicles or trophies on totems etc.


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  1. Mark, have to say it's very exciting to see people use your models for modelling projects like this! I'm glad they spark the imagination and I'm looking forward to seeing how this comes along.